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Harmony Heights is accredited by the Middle States Association and offers a NY State Regents diploma program in a therapeutic special education setting.

Students graduating from Harmony receive either a Regents, IEP or Local diploma. Courses completed at Harmony are eligible for full credit in the home district, should the student return back to her district school.

Classes are small (no more than 12 students per class) and are taught by certified teachers assisted by a teacher’s assistant/aide in an atmosphere conducive to learning.

Our school provides numerous programs to aid our students including recreational therapy, a four level behavior modification system, individual and group therapy and, six hours of daily high school classes. The clinical staff at Harmony Heights is under the supervision and direction of a psychiatrist who monitors medication and conducts session with each girl as needed.

Before each girl begins her educational experience with Harmony Heights, she works with a guidance counselor who outlines the school program which best provides the student with the courses she needs to graduate.

Harmony Heights fully prepares our students for the future as college and vocational counseling is provided to assist the girls with the college selection and application process or to obtain placement in a vocational program.


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