Is your daughter struggling with anxiety or depression which affects her ability to do her personal best in school? 

  Is your daughter having difficulty adapting to situations in school including academics and getting along with fellow students? 

  Do you feel that your daughter could use an extra layer of educational and therapeutic support on a daily basis? 

  Would you like to explore a different approach which includes the scholastic instruction, psychological reinforcement and personal encouragement necessary for your daughter to succeed in school?  

  If you answered yes to any of these questions, your daughter may be a good candidate for the special caring, therapeutic educational environment at Harmony Heights.  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 


How does my daughter get into Harmony Heights? 

There is a referral process that begins with your local school district. Let your school district know what your daughters needs are. You may need to meet with the Committee on Special Education and get some updated academic and psychological testing. The CSE will meet, create referral packets and with your consent send a referral packet to Harmony Heights. Our Clinical Director will review the packet and call you to set up a tour and interview if the information we receive looks like a good fit for your daughter. At the interview we will let you and your daughter know if she has been accepted. 


What makes you different from my high school? 

We have a dedicated support staff including certified teachers, therapists on site, school counselor, nurses, and activity counselors to create a nurturing and therapeutic community. We help our students and families to heal, develop better communication and work on future goals. 


Is Harmony Heights an accredited High School? 

Yes. Harmony Heights is a New York Department of Education-approved program and offers a NY State Regents diploma program in a therapeutic special educational setting. 


Is Harmony Heights a boarding school or a day school? 

Both. Harmony Heights offers a residential program and a day school where the girls go home each evening. All students come together in the day school building, complete with classrooms, a science lab, an art room, a library, a gym, a recently updated computer room, clinical facilities and a light-filled atrium dining room. All students participate in a variety of educational, therapeutic and social programs designed to facilitate self-discovery, healing and learning. 


Do you have animals?  

We have 3 horses and provide horse care classes not only teach riding skills, but how to care for the horses, i.e. grooming, feeding, and care of the barn. We also have a therapy dog (Rue) at our school location. 


What other activities make you unique? 

We provide opportunities for Community Service throughout the year and a Work Study Program during the summer. We have a Greenhouse where we raise flowers and vegetables, and learn about the day to day tools to grow, maintain and get the most out of your garden. 

Do you have a Summer School Program? 

Yes, all students are expected to attend our 6 week summer school program. The emphasis is on creative academics, educational field trips, community service and regents review. 

Can I go to college if I graduate from Harmony Heights? 

Yes. Most of our graduates go to college, with a small percentage attending vocational programs. Our School Counselor will help students and families find the right academic fit based on interest, academic ability, location and financial ability. We are a chartered and registered high school, accredited by the New York State Board of Regents. 

Who should I contact if I want to know more? 

Contact Lori Neazer, L.C.S.W., Clinical Director/Admissions


Kathryn Nastri, L.C.S.W., Executive Director

or either by calling516.922.4060 


“Hope Happens at Harmony”