Students are referred to Harmony Heights by their school district’s CSE’s. Girls must be in grades 8 – 12 and classified as Emotionally Disturbed or Other Health Impaired. Each referral is considered on an individual basis, however Harmony Heights does not admit girls who are physically aggressive, or diagnosed with a Conduct Disorder, or drug dependent.

Our profile consists of girls who are depressed, school phobic, withdrawn and emotionally fragile or suffering from Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, OCD, and Mood Disorders. Many of our students have been hospitalized prior to admission to Harmony Heights. Harmony Heights will also give consideration to students with Aspergers Syndrome as well as girls with a diagnosis of PDD.

All referrals must be submitted to our Clinical Director, Lori Neazer. Upon review of the referral an interview will be arranged for both the student and her parents or guardian(s). The interview also includes a tour of the school building as well as the residence in the case of a residential referral. Harmony Heights has a rolling admissions policy.

Referral packets must include:

A psychosocial including history of the presenting problem/problems
Updated Transcript, including standardized testing
All disciplinary reports
Current report card
Hospital records
Physical and Immunization Record
Psychological Testing
Educational Testing

Private pay students may also be considered. This must be discussed with the Executive Director prior to the admission process.

We welcome your inquiries and look forward to meeting you.


LORI NEAZER, Clinical Director @ 516-922-6688 or

ELLEN BENSON, Executive Director @ 516-922-4060 or